Fund a Ferry

If you’ve been searching for a way to help Australians affected by the recent bushfires, consider making a donation to Fund A Ferry. 


Kangaroo Island has recently been damaged by the worst bush fires in its recorded history. More than 150,000 hectares have burned so far, with countless homes, farms, and property destroyed.


To begin rebuilding this beautiful island, the residents will need to make many trips to the mainland to help them rebuild their lives.


Fund A Ferry allows anyone around the world to purchase a One Way or Return ferry trip, which will then be donated directly to a Kangaroo Island resident in need. The funds will be distributed over the next 12 months to allow people to access travel throughout their recovery journey, when they need it most. 


We aim to provide 2,000 return ferry trips to Kangaroo Island residents. 


Your donation can help make a difference in the life of a family affected by these tragic fires.

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