9 Reasons to Use Hale Travel and Events – An MTA Travel Agency

Thinking about planning your next trip, but can’t be bothered sorting the details? Use a travel agent! Backed by the MTA Travel brand, Hale Travel and Events is available to book all of your travel needs, whether it’s domestic or international, guided or independent.

Travel Planning from Anywhere

Book your next holiday from anywhere – your home, office, daily commute, or from a café on your current holiday.

MTA stands for Mobile Travel Agents. This means Hale Travel and Events can plan your trip when it suits you, from anywhere with mobile reception or an Internet connection. Send in your request by email or give us a call, or send a message through the website or Facebook page.

Insider Industry Knowledge and Service

When you book with Hale Travel, you get access to the insider knowledge behind 10 years of genuine travel experience. Don’t go to an agent that gives you a pre-packaged deal. While some travel agents are simply taught to sell travel, the booking agents at Hale Travel have extensive experience traveling domestically and internationally, for business and for leisure.

Convenient, Customisable Service

Hale Travel and Events is a one-stop-shop. No matter your travel needs, your booking agent is available to create a trip just for you and your travel companions. This means deals on flights and tours, without the hassle of sorting through layover options and tour departure dates.

If you have four people coming from separate countries, no problem! With specialised systems for airfares, you can meet up on a layover before arriving at your final destination. Leave the details to your agent, so you can focus on more pressing matters leading up to your holiday.

One Point Contact for All Travel Emergencies

Ever had a flight cancelled or delayed and missed your connecting travel or tour? When you book through a travel agent, you no longer have to deal with this hassle on your own. With 10 years in the industry and the MTA Travel network, Hale Travel has quicker access to contact information for airlines and tour operators to get your travel back on track.

Simply call Hale Travel’s emergency number and your emergency will be sorted by your booking agent.

Prices Not Available Online

As part of one of Australia’s largest travel agent networks, Hale Travel has access to pricing not available online. Because MTA has a large amount of purchasing power, bulk pricing is often available for flights and tours.

24/7 Local Support, Located in Australia

MTA Travel is an Australian-owned family business, and the MTA support centre is in Australia, not outsourced. Hale Travel and Events is backed by a 24/7 Head Office airline and ticketing support team in case of emergency. This means you can have full confidence in your booking, even if all doesn’t go according to plan.

Zero Flight Risk

Book flights and tours worry-free with Hale Travel and Events, backed by MTA Travel. In the rare instance of airline or tour operator bankruptcy, your trip will be fully refunded. If you were to book your travel yourself, the money deposited or paid in full would not be refunded.

MTA Companion App

The MTA app is a great asset for all travellers booking through Hale Travel and Events. Each of your trips is listed out as a separate adventure.

Your travel agent loads all the data you may need for your trip, divided into a day-by-day itinerary. This information includes flight times and seat info, rental car pick up/drop off locations, accommodation and tour details, travel insurance, and more.

Find the MTA Companion App on the Apple Storeor Google Play Store.

Supporting a Small Business Run by Australians

Support your local economy by purchasing through a small business located in the heart of Queensland. Booking online means profit from your booking may go offshore, or to large corporations. By booking local, you are supporting a small business owner to help put food on the table.

Hale Travel is passionate about adventure and leisure travel to suit any budget, so contact us with any of your travel needs, no matter the size.

With 10 years of experience in the travel industry, Hale Travel and Events is dedicated to making your travel experience the best it can be. For more information, request a travel consultation today!

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